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Detect If A Variable Changed Roblox

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Detect If A Variable Changed Roblox. I want to create some code so that when a variable has a value of 1 then a certain piece of code is carried out I know that I can use an if statement but the problem is that the value will be changed in an asynchronous process so technically the if statement could beMissing robloxMust include Jan 29 2021Sep 07 2015Aug 12 2012Jan 06 2012.

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The Changed event fires whenever the IntValue/Value of the IntValue is changed It will run with the new value being stored in the argument object instead of a string representing the property being changed This event like other changed events can be used to track when an IntValue changes and to track the different values that it may change to.

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As such this method provides a way to detect changes in other properties of those objects For example to detect changes in the Name property of an IntValue use IntValueGetPropertyChangedSignal (“Name”)Connect (someFunc) since the Changed event of IntValue objects only detect changes on the Value property.

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Store the table Create a coroutine Inside the coroutine you create a new variable yet same to the table Every second or so coroutine checks if the variable and the table are different if so then it signals that it changed and then changes the variable to be the new table which prevents multiple signals.

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Description The Changed event fires right after most properties change on objects It is possible to find the present value of a changed property by using object [property] To get the value of a property before it changes you must have stored the value of the property before it changed If you are only interested in listening to the change of a specific property consider using the.

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If you really want this to be transparent and don’t care too much about speed and possibly breaking things you could just use metatables local name = “proxied” The name of your variable do local proxy setmetatable (_G { __index=function (selfidx) if idx==name then return proxy end end __newindex=function (selfidxval) if idx==name then proxy=valMissing robloxMust include.