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Firing Nuke In Conquerers 3 Roblox

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MediTruck Tower (Loosely based of Conquerors 3 Roblox game it heals the base slowly overtime and can also remove stuns of towers inrange also doesn’t get stunned because a 1000% stun immunity) Space Fighters Base Tower (Spawns in strong powerful Space units at exit but they fly around to shoot random enemies for 45 to 60 seconds it.

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1do the ce bypass in my previous thread codes x=1 g=2 y=3 p=4 q=5 k=6 a=7 n=8 f=9 h=0 2go join the conquerors mark II 3change value type to string 4scan your money using the codes 5get more money and then next scan using the codes’til you have 1 address.

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The Conquerors 3 This The Conquerors 3 is the third in the Conquerors game series The third installment adds skins game modes and many more mapsThis game is made by BrokenBone previously as HatHelper “Be in the battle The Conquerors is a realtime strategy game where you command entire armies.