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Flee The Facility Wiki Roblox Amino flee the facility gamereview wiki roblox amino
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Maps are areas where Survivors and a Beast spawn to play the game When a game begins the Survivors get a 15 second headstart after which the Beast spawns and the Survivors have 15 minutes to hack the computers and escape The map played on is voted for in the Lobby.

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Flee The Facility Wiki Roblox Amino En Espanol Amino from pm1narviicom Spooky times are finally here in flee the facility! Facility_0 airport homestead abandoned facility abandoned prison the library Run from the beast unlock the exits and flee the facility! Hopefully the roblox flee the facility codes we are providing does.

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Flee The Facility Wiki Roblox Amino

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Flee the Facility is a ROBLOX game created by a group called AW Apps There are two roles beast and survivor These roles will be better.