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Gusmanak Armor Roblox. Gusmanak ROBLOX Mini Figure Legends of Roblox NEW 2pack Roblox LEGEND of ROBLOX 6 Pack Series 2 This Set Includes 6 of the Greatest Roblox Game Creators of all Time Unique Accessories and an Exclusive Code for Virtual Gameplay.

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This site is dedicated to discussions regarding Apocalypse Rising the ROBLOX game created by Gusmanak and the Dualpoint Interactive team You can post whatever you feel suits the subreddit’s standards—whether it’s an idea for the game a question you have been meaning to ask the dev team a topic you feel should be discussed with other users or anything else.

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ZolarKeth’s Armor is a type of military clothing that can be found in the game It is very rare and can only be dropped by Military zombies ZolarKeth’s armor is only dropped by Military zombies and has a very small chance of dropping ZolarKeth’s armor is a black armor similar to Gusmanak‘s Armor ZolarKeth’s Armor shirt and pants can also be bought on the ROBLOX.

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Apocalypse Rising is an adventure survival game built by Gusmanak and scripted by ZolarKethIt was released on July 1 2012 Based on the multiplayer openworld survival horror game modification for the 2009 military simulation ARMA 2 called DayZ the game takes place on a large open map during a zombie apocalypse The map is one of the largest maps of any game.

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There is also a very low chance for a military zombie to drop an MRE or even Gusmanak‘s Armor or ZolarKeth’s Armor on death Zombies are encountered in every area around the map This mostly applies to civillian zombies as other zombies are restricted to certain areas around the map Civilian Infected.

Roblox Apocalypse Rising Bandits Photos Facebook

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Gusmanak is a skin that can be purchased from the Store for 1250 Coins The skin’s based on Gusmanak who is a designer of Apocalypse Rising and Tiny Tanks He is also the owner of the group Dualpoint Interactive Gusmanak wears one of the rarest ROBLOX items the Dominus Aureus along with a free item the face Chill He also wears his shirt (Gusmanaks Suit Top) and.