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Half Life Roblox Rp. ACH HalfLife 2 Roleplay achhl2 Join Group STEAM GROUP ACH HalfLife 2 Roleplay achhl2 68 MEMBERS 1 INGAME 10 ONLINE Founded December 15 2016 Language English Location United States Overview Announcements Discussions Events Members Comments.

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Half life 2 RP server Description Boost Welcome to Half life 2 RP server! This is a server based on half life 2 with the intation of rp Read the rules before typing We will make a remastered version of our old game with it’s own city and buildings and story We will inform you about the progress in the updates section.

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Well before you say something about me being an frp’er its because i was new to this kind of roleplay games when this video was made~~~~~.

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Life and Death is a big thing in Half Life 2 RP And knowing how it works will make you a great RPer This biggest thing in roleplaying is Starting A New Life after your character died and respawned When this happens you forget everything in your previous life The people you knew the places you’ve been and even where you lived.

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Main article HL2RP Basic Guidelines The basis of most HalfLife 2 Roleplay communities roughly follows the setting of HalfLife 2 in a world where the intervention of Gordon Freeman did not occur and the Combine continues to assert itself across the planet The Combine have taken over earth in just 7 hours forcing an unconditional surrender from all former nations and itsMissing robloxMust include.