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If Player Is Not Touching Roblox Studio

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If Player Is Not Touching Roblox Studio. This answer is useful 0 This answer is not useful Show activity on this post A server script would suit your need better In a localscript the change would only appear for the player Also it’s better practice to use the Players service offered by Roblox Here’s an example local Players = gameGetService (‘Players’) local collected = false scriptParentTouchedConnect (function.

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local touched = {} function find(player) for _ v in pairs(touched) do if v == player then return true end end end scriptParentTouchedConnect(function(hit) local player = gamePlayersGetPlayerFromCharacter(hitParent) if player and not find(player) then tableinsert(touched player) playerleaderstatsNegativeValueValue =Missing roblox studioMust include.

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you can use BasePartTouchEnded to fix this problem and BasePartTouchStarted These events fire when the player has respectively began touched and ended touching the specific object 1 level 2 Bloxy_Cola Op 9m Roblox username here! I tried using TouchEnded but it was buggy.

How to teleport player when you touch a part ROBLOX Studio

Description The Touched event fires when a part comes in contact with another part For instance if PartA bumps into PartB then PartATouched fires with PartB and PartB fires with PartA This event only fires as a result of physics movement so it will not fire if the CFrame property was changed such that the part overlaps another part.

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