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Insonl Roblox Wiki. The emote menu ingame An emote menu was added to the Roblox launcher on June 24 2019 as well as a section for emotes to be purchased in the avatar shopThe first emotes to be added were Tilt Stadium and Salute all of which can only be used with R15 avatars The emotes can be accessed ingame by clicking the silhouette of a white Roblox avatar on the top of the menu or.

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Can be knocked on by a player Knocking on the door does nothing The door is gray and has a red light on top of It (trivia i guess the style and appearance of the door keep changing through the versions) as in V1 it was a diamond plate brick V2 it was covered in padding V3 is the same but has a red light above it and the V4 door looks the most like an actual door and not just a.

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“Click and boom” AkaManah’s description AkaManah is an indirect demon who haunts the current story of the Cult family AkaManah’s appearance changes his form frequently however his basic form consists of a maroon suit with a matching maroon hat He has long ram horns with an intimidating skulled face of the shape of a goat Created on August 12th 2013.

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InSOnI v3 InSOnI is a waiting game and chatting with your friends but thats not all Because In this game you can use emotes and secret commands You need to wait on this game people says “Knocking door resets timer” no it dosen’t Don’t believe theese people and.

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540 for the actual escapeIt’s here! InSOnl Escape v3 is here! Hooray!Recorder Used OBSGame link https//wwwrobloxcom/games/357766274/InSOnIV3Descript.