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Genre The Mad Murderer (abbr TMM) is an adventure game created by loleris based on the Garry&#39s Mod gamemode Murder Around late 2015 to early 2016 the game&#39s popularity started to decline Because of this the game Mad Games was released and the game was eventually replaced by The Mad Murderer 2 However in 2021 loleris confirmed that.

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The Mad Murderer 2 This game was created on September 4 2017 This game currently holds more than 26400000 place visits and 186000 favorites This game currently is loleris&#39 most popular game This game is very similar to not only the other murderbased games on Roblox but also Murder from GMod Both contain a similar plot (There is an.

ROBLOX: The Mad Murderer {TMM} [loleris] Part 7 YouTube

Hello guys today I decided to review TMM which is a game made by loleris! It&#39s a very famous game and is a Murder game which is a popular genre of games.

NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN ROBLOX: The Mad Murderer by loleris

Part 1 of 3 Another adaption of GMod game &#39Murder&#39 TaylorF10 tries on loleris&#39 take on the murder genre with both different mechanics appearances and fea.

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[T3R] ROBLOX Let's Play: The Mad Murderer, by loleris

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