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Mysterious Roblox Heads. Introduction )SmileMelvinApril 1st Attack on 2012Vault 8166ROBLOX is a fun website but there are many creepy mysteries that might have affected everyone&#39s account because of this whole thing Here are the 5 of the creepiest mysteries that ROBLOX might have seen The game SMILE is made by a username named SMILE The rumor is that people would get a message from SMILE and it would say “I need you here in the game” and if you go to their game it&#39s just a black screen but when you turn to the left you see something It&#39s a red faded head with bloody eyes and when you walk to it you&#39re gonna feel that the head is going towards you When you get close to the head your computer shuts down When you turn the computer back on the wallpaper is set to you inside of the game When you go back to ROBLOX you will notice that your account is logged off and when you log back on your account gets deleted SMILE was a username made by someone but it got banned forever This mystery is one of the most creepiest ones yet Basically the rumor is that one person has this issue of when they join a Roblox game like Phantom Forces you don&#39t go to Phantom Forces but you get teleported to a different game This game which is a black game with a translucent shaggy near you You can&#39t close the game until the game crashes After a short minute the game crashes and you can close the game When you go to your inventory there&#39s a new hat and it is a translucent shaggy hair which is called Melvin There is a user named Melvin owned by a child named Melvin Blue was created in 2007 He was a very popular person among other players He died from cancer in 2008ROBLOX made it transparent “Ghost Type” shaggy in his honor named Melvin The hat was deleted a few moments later for no reason It is unknown Some say Melvin got the attention and his ghost was angered So he takes the life of one child every year After that their accounts were deleted On April 1st 2012 ROBLOX was hacked and completely shut down The rumor is that this hacker had two other accounts that had the same avatar he copied on the user&#39s account which made him get banned This made the hacker upset and take over ROBLOX He first took over the Roblox website and later he took over the Roblox economy Here are the screenshots that have been taken in ROBLOX There were many messages that were really bad and inappropriate The whole catalog was being changed People were getting rich from this That later on ended up with a site being completely shut down Also in this April Fools hacking everyone that was banned came back and became a moderator like in the picture This mystery is the most creepy one yet This game was used to hack GUIs and hide the user&#39s avatar and identity Vault 8166 was created by hackers The 8166 number is from a hacker named 1x1x1x1But the hacker in person did not create the game The rumor is that it&#39s hidden around the server Let me tell you the story about this A usersubmitted a footage of the hallway of Vault 8166 The recorded data was unknown The video shows the hallway full of computers switching codes that contains red flashing lights There is a strange white room with a poster that says “Warning we are watching you” The video starts with the two users walking in the hallway One of them is fully black has a particle emitter red fire and the user&#39s name was unknown an exploiter (his username is hidden) The other user has a head colored in red and a black torso the user is unknown They stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked aroud when all of a sudden an unknown figure came running in the.

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Roblox Creepypasta is usergenerated stories that share their encounter with mysterious things is Roblox Look you might think that Roblox is a sweet little game how does it contain so many scary stories? The answer to this is over 150 million users Roblox has a massive number of players who play games to explore scary maps.

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Suntzu (~400 BC) The Art of War Emptiness and Fullness Mysterious is a face that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on January 16 2009 It can be purchased for 123 Robux As of February 10 2019 it has been purchased 16552 times and favorited 5761 times.

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Due to the unpopularity of the original heads back in 2008 to 2009 Roblox stopped making separate heads for a while until January 2017 when they started making separate heads again that are all suited to be able to wear hats on them On January 16 2017 all heads except the Roundy Trim and Blockhead were taken offsale This resulted in the community being disappointed and strongly disliking the change because the Peabrain was highly liked by the community.