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Roblox Pokemon Breeze Colosseum. Pokemon Breeze Colosseum ROBLOX#pokemonbreeze#pokemon???? Business contact [email protected]

Battling Adam And His Pokemon Pbb Battle Colosseum Youtube roblox pokemon breeze colosseum
Battling Adam And His Pokemon Pbb Battle Colosseum Youtube from Battling Adam and his Pokemon! | PBB Battle Colosseum

The Battle Colosseum is an exclusive place in Pokémon Brick Bronze where players can battle each other for Battle Points or BP in abbreviation which can be exchanged for useful items and TMs It can be accessed through the Recreational Teleportation Device (RTD) once players earn Arc Badge from Silvent Gym Players will also need to visit the Colosseum Marketplace to.

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Pokémon Brick Bronze was a turnbased roleplaying game created by the BrickBronze Version group (led by Lando64000 now renamed to Llama Train Studio) on October 21 2015 It was based on the popular Pokémon series of JRPG video games for the Nintendo handheld systems Due to a DMCA claim by The Pokémon Company it was removed from Roblox on April 18.

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Pokemon Breeze Incase you don’t know what Breeze is its a pokemon game on roblox that is basically brick bronze with changes to cover up that it was a ripoff and you get LEGENDARIES AS STARTERS This is Plaguarism which is where someone steals something and claims it as their own on Discord the creator said that it was “his” game.

Battling Adam And His Pokemon Pbb Battle Colosseum Youtube

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Roblox Pokemon Breeze Colosseum YouTube

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