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Scp Mtf Vest Roblox. –Mobile Task Forces SCP Foundation Wiki Mobile Task Force (also known as MTF) is a Combatant Team They are the SCP Foundation&#39s elite soldiers tasked with protecting the Foundation from outside attacks and recontaining SCPs Their primary mission is to protect SCPs from escaping avoid containment breaches and recontain breached SCPs.

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Roleplaying as a MTF in scp roleplay today i run around protecting the facility[Game link here] https//webrobloxcom/games/5041144419/SCPRoleplay.

[Roblox SCP Roleplay] Roleplaying as a MTF Mobile Task Force

The vest is an item that resembles a body armour and can be obtained through buying it in an NPC Shop for 3 credits or by spawning in with it All Foundation combative teams and the Chaos Insurgency spawn with the vest by default ClassD Scientific Department and Administrative Department personnel can opt to buy vests It can be bought in NPC shops by all teams and lasts for only one life.

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Scp Mtf Vest Roblox Unknown Sunday August 29 2021 Facebook Twitter Scp Foundation Glitch Men S Premium T Shirt Spreadshirt Guards Official Scp Containment Breach Wiki Tf2 Freak Fortress 2 X10 Scp Mtf Gameplay Youtube tf2 freak fortress 2 x10 scp mtf.


Scp Mtf Life Roblox Tell every one about this if you like scps Nu 7 ( hammer down) or ν 7 is a mobile task force it is the default task force unlocked when players unlock mobile task force the next task force is beta 7 nu 7 operatives are able to re contain scps regardless on whether the player is downgraded or upgraded nu 7 downgraded will only be able to re contain while nu 7.

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Scp Mtf Vest Roblox

Mobile Task Force SCP: Roleplay Wiki Fandom

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SCP Secure Contain Protect! Discord https//discordgg/CPyspNa Roblox Profile Video Duration 6 minViews 2717KAuthor BIGHEAD.