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Where Is The Keycard In Roblox Jailbreak

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Where Is The Keycard In Roblox Jailbreak. Overview Pickpocketing is a feature and an action in Jailbreak which can be performed by clicking and holding or holding “E” behind a Police Officer Once a pickpocket is complete which will take 4 seconds the player will obtain either a keycard pistol or a donut as a criminal or prisoner If an innocent prisoner performs a pickpocket they immediately become guilty and.

Roblox Jailbreak How To Get Keycard Roblox Cheat Table Scripts where is the keycard in roblox jailbreak
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149 votes 25 comments 92k members in the robloxjailbreak community Welcome to Jailbreak! Live the life of a Police Officer or a Criminal Stop.


If you do not want to kill a Police officer you will be able to obtain a keycard by pickpocketing them for it by holding the ‘E’ button on your keyboard when you are standing right beside them The only other way of getting hold of a keycard is to find one in.

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Level1 Level1 keycards can open the towers in the prison and the locked gas station doors Cops have a 60% chance of dropping Light green color Criminals will spawn with this keycard Level2 Level2 keycards can open the prison armory the airport tower and everything Level 1 does Also opens prison gates.

Roblox Jailbreak How To Get Keycard Roblox Cheat Table Scripts

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Today in this video I cover a way I recently found on how you can get a Keycard by yourself in Jailbreak There was a way you could get it by killing yoursel.